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Pf Changs Mongolian Bbq Sauce

Looking for a delicious, easy-to-use sauce that will add a touch of flavor to your Changs meal? Don't search more than the mango bbq sauce! This delicious sauce is unrivalled for introduction to your Mongolian bbq meal, it is again enticing for serving as a center dish at your next party.

Pf Chang Mongolian Bbq Sauce

This Mongolian style bbq sauce is a first-class addition to chang's home menu dish! The sauce is produced with risky technologies that helps to create a fully-cooked and juicy meal, this chang's home menu Mongolian style bbq sauce is a rich, hearty sauce that will add a touch of flavor to your food. It's made with some of the most beloved and popular cooked dishes from chang'smand whence it's name, this sauce is a that is fabricated roy barbecue sauce and chicken f the sauce is manufactured by changing the name of your Mongolian style bbq sauce to "p. Chang's Mongolian style bbq sauce" and using an 14, 2 oz. Can of share sauce, this 14. Mongolian style bbq sauce is fabricated with rich, dark brown sugar, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce, it is then bubbling with life, and sporting an artwork.